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Virgin Money London Marathon 2021

Another fantastic year for the Virgin Money London Marathon! This colossal mass participation event, which took place on the 3rd of October 2021, saw a combined 80,000 participants joining in, both in person and virtually.



2021 Virgin Money London Marathon Medal Reveal

We are honoured to say that our sister company, Bespoke Medals, is once again the official supplier of this fantastic medal. Working closely with London Marathon Events, we produced a medal to fit their needs perfectly, including a Braille element, which is a service we are proud to provide.

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The Back Our Heroes Virtual Run!

The Back Our Heroes Virtual Run!

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Jingle Jog 2019 - The Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity

This December Running Imp is proud to be supplying the Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, and their 2019 Jingle Jog! The Jingle Jog takes place on December 1st and begins at 11 am. The 2019 Jingle Jog The Jingle Jog is a 5km fun run available to all ages, which means all participants should feel free walk, jog or run your way around! The event will be incredibly family-friendly, so feel free to bring the whole family, and even the dog! While the event begins at 11 am, make sure to stop by before 10 45 to take part in the Jingle Jog Warm up! Also be sure to grab your Santa Suit, with Children's Santa Suits available for £5 along with their free ticket (if they're under 14). The Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity Earlier this year, the NHS Trust brought together five hospitals, merging them to improve the care for the surrounding areas. From there, two Trust charities became the Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, which aims to bring together the best of both. Donations to the charity go towards extras that cannot be provided by NHS funding, drastically improving the lives of patients. These extras might include patient welfare, equipment, research and staff training. Fundraising can be split into over 100 different funds. These funds make it possible to place your support in a department or ward of your choice. You can read more about the Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity through their website. Create your Charity Event At Running Imp, we work hard to make sure you're as ready for your event as you can be. This is why we provide the best in event supplies, from a simple safety pin to flags and timing clocks. We also have a vast range of engravable stock medals and trophies too, to make your prizes unique to your event. If you'd like to go above and beyond, our Bespoke Medals service is here to help. Bespoke Medals produces the best in custom medals. These medals can be colourful, hinged, glow-in-the-dark and more.

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The 2019 Gosport Half-Marathon

The 2019 Gosport Half-Marathon

Our Clients


The Costa Rica Ultra Trail

Running Imp is excited to be working alongside La Transtica to provide our unique medals for their Costa Rica Ultra Trail. The event begins on the 20th of November and will finish on the 30th of November. What is the Costa Rica Ultra Trail? The Costa Rico Ultra Trail is a free pace Trail race which leads participants from coast to coast. Two tracks are available to run. The first, the Adventure Race, spans a vast 117KM and requires runners to hit a pace of approximately 20-30KM per day. The second race is the Extreme. The Extreme takes runners a whopping 200KM, hitting an average of 38-48KM a day, this means if they were to run 42KM a day, they'd be running the equivalent of a marathon a day! Beginning from the beach of Manuel Antonio, runners will make their way into the very depths of Costa Rico. Terrain will vary hugely throughout the race, with runners winding through mountains and jungles en route to their destination. 

On top of this, the rising ground will pose a considerable challenge, pushing Adventure race runners up 5300 metres of positive incline. Five thousand three hundred metres is almost five times the height of Snowdon in Wales, so as you can imagine, it's quite the challenge. Of course, Extreme racers will face tougher challenges, hitting highs of 9300m across the trail. Once across these challenging elements, participants will finish on the idyllic Caribbean Coast. Along the route, runners will hit several points where they can resupply, request assistance and stay in a bivouac. Big distance, beautiful prize Participants are awarded one of our stunning Bespoke Medals once hitting the Puerto Viejo de Limon. These medals were carefully sculpted through the partnership of our Free Professional Design Service and La Transtica purely for this event. Of course, the true prize is Costa Rica itself. From participant accounts, winding through the areas less trodden by tourists is pure bliss. The camaraderie built along the trip is also well worth the journey alone. While there are no more entries available for this year's event, be sure to keep an eye out for the 2020 event. It's sure to be the adventure of a lifetime! We'd like to wish everyone taking part in the Costa Rica Ultra Trail the best of luck, and we can't wait to see some incredible photos! Be Ultra If you'd like to create your own Ultra Trail Run, we can provide you with everything you need. Our Bespoke Medals service delivers the ultimate in Bespoke Memorabilia for your race. So whether you'd like a medal, pin badge, or a fridge magnet-medal-bottle opener, we can provide. Running Imp itself is also available for your broader event needs. These can range from starting lines and barrier tape to race numbers and safety pins. Whatever you need, Running Imp provides the best quality for the most competitive prices.

Our Clients


Billericay Striders 10K Road Race

Running Imp and Bespoke Medals are thrilled to be working alongside the Billericay Striders for the Billericay Striders 10K Road Run! Entries for the race sold out, but there's plenty of space for supporters come along and cheer on the runners. The event will take place on Sunday the 3rd of November. The start time will be 9:45 am. Information on the Billericay Striders 10K Road Run The Billericay Striders 10K Road Run starting point is at the Hannakins Farm Community Centre, with the easiest ways to get there being car or train from outside Billericay. Drivers should consider car-sharing if possible to both help ease congestion and to reduce pollution. Drivers may also struggle with the limited parking at the Community Centre. In this instance, it's recommended to make your to the additional parking at the Lake Meadows Business Park. From there, marshals will guide you to the start point. It's also possible to park in the adjacent side-roads. Facilities are fully available for both participants and spectators, and there's a drop-off point for bags also. Refreshments are also available in the main hall at the Community Centre. Participants and spectators are advised to bring change along for this purpose. The race will be chip timed, so be sure to cheer on your friends and family, and help them reach that Personal Best! 10K Road Race Prizes Some incredible awards are available for participants so that support is more important than ever! The first Male and Female runners to pass the line will receive a £100 each. Male and Female runners who surpass the course records will also receive £100. There are other cash prizes to be handed out too, and every participant will receive one of our incredible Bespoke Medals. Charitable Causes at the Billericay Striders 10K Road Run The Billericay Striders have chosen the Forget Me Not Memory Cafe as their charity of the year. They will look to raise as much for them as possible. The Forget Me Not Memory Cafe is a cafe run by trained volunteers. Here you can sit and discuss any concerns you have about your memory or the memory of friends or family. If participating or spectating, please take a moment to donate to the cafe and help keep this cause alive. Best of luck to the Forget Me Not Cafe in raising funds, and of course to the participants of the 10K Road Race. Build your event The Billericay Striders 10K Road Run is an endeavour bought together by the determination of those organising it. If their actions inspire you, Running Imp and Bespoke Medals can help supply you with everything you need to create your unique event. At Running Imp, we aim to offer the best prices and the best event supplies. We'll also be happy to provide advice on what you might need. Our sister company, Bespoke Medals, produces the highest quality custom medals you can imagine. Your designs combined with our Free Design Service will and have created some of the most beloved medals worldwide.

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Ashford & District Run 2019

Bespoke Medals is thrilled to be producing these unique spooky medals for the Ashford & District Run 2019. The run features two events, the 10 and the 5-mile run, which take place on the 27th of October! The Ashford & District Run 2019 The Ashford and District Run first made an appearance in 2018, where it rapidly became a sell-out event. Following this, organisers Sporting Events UK soon began working on the Ashford and District Run 2019 event, which promises to be even bigger and better. 

The event starts at the Towers School in Ashford and, depending on the chosen run, leads participants down one of two routes. 5 Mile participants will enjoy the winding roads of Lenacre Street and Tumbledown Hill, before reaching the Wheel Inn. From there the path swings around Mill Pond, before rejoining the route back towards Tumbledown Hill, and finally the school. 10 Mile participants follow the same direction initially, but upon hitting the Wheel Inn are lead down towards the Westwell Wine Estates. From there, country roads lead them round to the lovely woodland trail of the Westwell Downs. They will then move past the Dunn Street Farm Campsite and rejoin the previous route at Mill Pond, before finishing back at the school. Facilities at around the start/finish point are ideal for participants and onlookers both. 

Music and live commentary will be available to entertain and inform, and catered food will be available for all to enjoy. Bathrooms are available, with toilet, changing and shower facilities. There's also a baggage drop available for participants. If there are places available, Advanced Entries are open until the 26th of October. Subject to space, entries are also available on the day between 9-10 am. Entries and Prizes Entries are still available to buy for both the 10 and 5 Mile events. There may even be spaces on the day for those last-minute entries! Upon completing the race, participants will all receive one of the fantastic Bespoke Medals seen above. 

On top of that, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and females will also win prizes. It's also the case for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the various VET categories, and there are even team prizes to be handed out as well. Create your unique event Do the spooky happenings of the Ashford and District Run inspire you? You can create your own incredible and unique event through Running Imp and Bespoke Medals. Running Imp is the market leader in Event Supplies across the UK, providing anything from safety pins to timing clocks. Bespoke Medals is an invaluable service provided by Running Imp, which aims to unleash your imaginative side. At Bespoke Medals we can design and create everything from traditional medals to glow-in-the-dark hinged segment medals. There are no limits! Running Imp and Bespoke Medals are proud to be working alongside Sporting Events UK. Sporting Events UK is one of the leading Event Organisers in the South-East, with over 30 events in 2019.

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The ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon

Bespoke Medals is pleased to announce that we're supplying fantastic custom medals to the ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon. This tremendous event is taking place on the 20th of October. The Yorkshire Marathon Course The Yorkshire Marathon prides itself on being one of the UK's most popular marathons and sells out every year. The course will see participants make their way across beautiful York and the countryside surrounding it. Iconic sights to be found include the York Minster, the lovely village of Stockton, Buttercrambe Moor Wood and the University of York. The course will see a small amount of elevation in parts, but no more than 20 metres on any one incline. This slight elevation makes it perfect for trying for that new Personal best. The Marathon will also see a few regular sponsors return, including the ASDA Foundation, Arla Protein and Aftershoks. A selection of other Sponsors will also have a presence too, though. 

These include the University of York, City of York Council, Radio York and Erdinger. Further Info The race begins at 9:25 with the wheelchair participants moving first, followed by all other participants at 9:30. For those looking to leave bags in a secure place, storage is available from 7 am onwards. A mass warm-up will then precede the race, in which all participants are invited to partake. Upon completion, participants will receive their chip timing, finisher's goody bag, tech t-shirt, and one of our special-made Bespoke Medals. Crowds will also be able to watch the Yorkshire 10 Mile take place. Starting at 10 15 am, the route leads runners around York and the local villages, before ending at the University of Yorkshire. Participants in the Yorkshire 10 Mile will also receive chip timing, a finisher's goody bag, tech t-shirt and a Bespoke Medal. Best of luck to everyone who takes part in both the Marathon and 10 Mile, and we hope you enjoy your medals! Create Your Unique Marathon At Running Imp and Bespoke Medals, we are proud to supply for Run For All and other Sports Events Organisers. The products we specialise in are of the highest quality, and we offer advice when and where you need. We can also provide a host of unique effects to your medals, making it genuinely suited to your event.

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Roman River Trails

Bespoke Medals is thrilled to be once again working with our friends over at Hare and Tortoise Running. This time we'll be producing the beautiful medals for their Roman River Trails events, which takes place on the 13th October 2019. 'Roman' the Rivers The Roman River Trails event allows the participant to take part in one of three stunning runs, a 10K, a half-marathon or a marathon. These runs all start at the lovely Layer Marney Tower and lead participants through many a picturesque village. Eventually, runners come to the Roman River valley close to Colchester, before swinging back round to the Layer Marney Tower to finish. Marathon runners will find themselves crossing the river several times throughout the race, and will face some hills before returning to Layer Marney. The half marathon loop will mainly stay around the villages nearby Colchester. 

All runners should prepare for a mixture of hard-packed trail, tarmac and grass along their routes. Roman River Trails Info Participants in the event will earn a beautiful Bespoke Medal, which they'll be proud to bring home and show off. They'll also receive an event t-shirt and a goodie bag full of treats as a reward for a job well done. Participants should also be aware of Hare and Tortoise Running's policies towards being eco-friendly and keeping the course clear: Water and aid stations will be at regular intervals, especially along the marathon and half marathon routes. Water, though, will only be available to participants who have a receptacle to put it in. This rule is to help prevent waste along the course, which can be both a damage to local wildlife and can ruin the picturesque surroundings. Plastic waste is also becoming more prevalent across events, so finding ways to reduce that is a must. Runners should also hold onto their waste as they run, and dispose of it at the water stations en route. Runners will face immediate disqualification if they do not follow this rule. Good luck! Finally, we'd like to wish everyone at the event the best of luck and hope you have a fantastic time admiring the stunning views around Colchester. 

Registration for this event has now closed, but be sure to go along and support all those incredible athletes! There are also some marathon places still available on the day if you'd like to join at the last minute. Do Hare and Tortoise Running inspire you? Contact Running Imp for the highest quality supplies and advice, and create your ultimate sports event.

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The Boobs and Balls 10K Fun Run

Running Imp and Bespoke Medals are proud to be producing snoods and our new wooden bespoke medals for this year's Boobs and Balls 10K Fun Run. The run will take place this weekend, on the 24th of November at the Strathclyde National Park in Motherwell, Lanarkshire. The Fun Run aims to raise money for Breast Cancer Now and Cahonas Scotland. Charities of choice Breast Cancer Now is a research and care charity who work with people living with breast cancer and actively fund research into curing breast cancer. 

To date, they've invested £230 million into breast cancer research, and are currently supporting 80 projects across the UK. Dedicated to raising awareness of testicular cancer, Cahonas Scotland aims to educate everyone on the benefits of self-checking. They actively travel to schools, colleges, events and other community hubs to pass along their message. They also have a host of information on their website, which is accessible to all. Boobs and Balls The Boobs and Balls Fun Run is available as both an event and as a virtual run. It costs £13 to sign up at the event and £17 for the virtual race. Participants can also take part in the raffle, where unique prizes are ready to be snatched up. Of course, all money for the raffle is donated directly to the two charities. The event starts at 10 am and is untimed. 

If you'd like to join in the fun, make sure to sign up through the Boobs and Balls website here: Best of luck to everyone participating! Create your charity race event with help from our team at Running Imp. At Running Imp, we specialise in supplying for your ultimate sports events. These can range from fun runs to marathons to swim meets and martial arts competitions. Aside from providing the highest quality goods, we also offer the best advice on what you may need for your event. Be sure to take a look at our sister site, Bespoke Medals, too. At Bespoke Medals the aim is to provide the best in memorabilia for your events. This memorabilia could be anything from a glittery glow-in-the-dark medal to a belt buckle that also works as a bottle opener!

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Run For All Sheffield 10K

Continuing from the successful Bury 10K on the 15th, Run For All recently saw the ASDA Foundation Sheffield 10K take place, for which Bespoke Medals provided the memorabilia.

What's there to know about the Sheffield 10K?

The Sheffield 10K took place on the 22nd of September and saw thousands of participants push themselves to complete the route and make new attempts at a Personal Best. The event began and ended at Arundel gate, and took participants past a few of Sheffield's hotspots. These included the picturesque Endcliffe Park and even Sheffield's beautiful Botanical Gardens.

The event benefited from the sponsorship of the ASDA FoundationSheffield City CouncilAfterShoksArla Protein and Runderwear, among others. Participants also received support from the Steel City Striders and their Stride Into Sheffield sessions. These sessions comprised of a warm-up, interval running and warm down, all to prepare runners for the big race.

Thanks to this and their own training, Runners were well prepared for the inclines in the race, which had uphill stretches consistent from the 1st kilometer point to the 4th. This incline saw participants elevated to around 70m above their start point, where it leveled out to allow a slow decline for the remainder of the race.

Crowd members were also treated to the Sheffield Mini and Junior runs. The Mini run, whose participants ranged from 3 to 8, ran 1.5 kilometers with an accompanying adult. The Junior runners, all aged between 9 to 14 years old, ran a 2.5 kilometer route. Participants of these runs also received one of our Bespoke Medals.

We're thrilled to be continuing our work with Run For All. We hope everyone participating had an incredible time, and loves the medals we provided!

Create Your Event

If you'd like to create your event, whether it be to raise funds or just for fun, look towards Running Imp and Bespoke Medals to help you. Running Imp specialises in Sports Event Supplies and Memorabilia, and will provide everything you need to create your perfect event. Our sister company, Bespoke Medals, can provide the highest quality in personalised Memorabilia, sculpting prizes to your designs.

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Lincoln Three Hills Challenge

Running Imp is proud to be sponsoring the Lincoln Three Hills Challenge, taking place on the 15th of September. What is the Three Hills Challenge? This unique event was created by two Lincoln City Football Club fan supporters groups, the Lady Imps Supporters Association, and The Fans Players Scheme. It covers 5K across the city of Lincoln, winding up and down its hills, naturally including its infamous ‘Steep Hill’. It will also see its participants lead through the Lincoln Cathedral Quarter, which boasts both Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. 

All in all the event will see participants walking over 1,000 vertical feet, an impressive amount by a lot of standards! All entry fees for the event go towards fundraising. Half of the funds raised will go to the Lincoln City Women’s Football Club, which up until recently was known as Nettleham Ladies FC. The second half of the funds will make its way towards the Lincoln City Foundation Charity, which aims to ‘inspire and empower individuals and communities to develop and improve their physical, social or mental well-being’. 

Through our work with The Fans Players Scheme, we’re proud to have been able to lend the event one of our gantries. On top of this, we have also provided medals, which the participants will receive upon completion of the Three Hills. The event takes place on Sunday the 15th of September, with registration taking place between 9:30 am and 1 pm. The event concludes at 3 pm. To participate, all entries must make a minimum donation on the Lady Imps website. Create your fantastic event If you’d like to create your unique event, you can find everything you need over at Running Imp and Bespoke Medals. We aim to provide the best available in Sporting Events equipment and memorabilia and can provide advice as you need it. For more info on us, head to, or head straight to our latest monthly offer here.

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Run For All Bury 10K

September 15th saw the return of the ASDA Foundation's Bury 10K, which we're proud to say we supplied for. What happened at the Bury 10K? The race began at The Rock shopping centre, and lead participants on an incredible journey through Bury town, passing by the Town Hall, Parish Church, Fusilier Museum and the Art Museum. At the finish line, participants were handed one of our Bespoke Medals, specially designed for the Bury 10K. 

The repeat event is part of Jane Tomlinson's Run For All, one of the UK's biggest not-for-profit event companies, which provides a platform for a host of charities across the UK. Run For All is a piece of the legacy left behind by the late Jane Tomlinson CBE, who defied her cancer diagnosis and went on to participate in numerous endurance events. This included a 4,200-mile bike ride across the US, which ultimately helped her to raise the money needed to get Run For All off the ground. As well as acting as a platform for fundraising for many charities, Run For All actively supports the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. The Jane Tomlinson Appeal focuses strongly on supporting children's health and wellbeing and aims to improve the lives of those with cancer. 

Most recently the charity has offered OWLS support to children, helping them overcome the grief of losing a significant loved one in their lives. The Bury 10K played host to a vast number of participants and proved to be another very successful event for Run For All and the ASDA Foundation. We'd like to offer our congratulations to everyone who took part in the 10K and the Family Fun Run, which started a few hours later. There are more Run For All events to come, with the Sheffield 10K taking place on the 22nd of September, and the Yorkshire Marathon on the 20th October. Keep your eyes peeled for both. Race Inspiration If you're inspired by the works of Run For All, Running Imp and Bespoke Medals can help you create your fantastic fundraising event. We focus on supplying the best in sporting events equipment, essentials and mementoes. This can (and has) ranged from the humble safety pin to the world's largest medal. Whatever it is you need for your event, we can provide.

Our Clients


London Landmarks Half Marathon Medal named Medal of the Year!

We're thrilled to announce that our London Landmarks Half Marathon Medal has won Medal of the Year over at The Running Bible. This is a huge honour for us, and we look forward to continuing to create unique Bespoke Medals. A big thank you to Robyn and Kim for their hard work in designing and working alongside the team behind the event!

Our Clients


Triathlon North Africa - The Sahara Triathlon

Triathlon North Africa - The Sahara Triathlon Running Imp are thrilled to announce that we are the Official Medal Supplier for the first triathlon race in the desert in the history of triathlons! Triathlon North Africa have created one of the most unique triathlons on the planet and we are proud to have been working on this event, helping them to create one for the bucket list. All triathletes that finish receive a beautiful finishers medal that is a memento of a fantastic experience you will always treasure! 

This is a triathlon where you will find yourself swimming in a sparkling oasis lying between sand dunes and high desert plateaus, and be all alone on your bike under the highest sand dunes in the world. Athletes will be fascinated by a vast landscape only inhabited by a small group of people, and camels. 

There’s likely to be no one to see you, hear you, or cheer you on in this remote landscape. It’ll be just you and mother nature, your bike and your will to make it to the finish line. It can be easily the most extreme triathlon race in the world in the morning the temperatures were between 0-2°C the water temperature was 8°C during the cycling part the temperature was 15 °C and during the running part temperatures hit nearly 30°C on third of the running course led through sand dunes and after the sunset the temperatures dramatically fall to 5°C. So it is an exceptional triathlon! Congratulations to all the participants that will be able to say they are one of the world's only triathletes to race in the Sahara Desert! YOU DID IT!

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Running Imp - The Official Medal & T-Shirt Supplier for the 2019 Jane Tomlinson's Run For All, Asda Foundation Series

Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All are pleased to announce Running Imp as the sole t-shirt and medal suppliers of the not-for-profit 2019 Asda Foundation Series. The Lincoln-based event supplier will provide t-shirts and medals for Run For All’s Fun Runs, 10Ks, Half Marathons and the flagship Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon this year. “It’s great to support Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All who, through their popular charity runs, help raise money for some very deserving causes”, said Kieron Salmons, Sales Executive of Running Imp. “We aim to bring a fresh look to each and every event of the Asda Foundation Series and are excited by the challenge.” Leanne Seward, Relationships & Marketing Executive at Run For All, added: “The medals and t-shirts have already been designed and I think that our runners will be really excited about this year being a little bit different. “Each t-shirt, and especially medal, has been modelled to exemplify each city and town’s identity through iconic, much-loved landmarks.” Runners will be able to get their hands on these new-look goodies at events across the UK starting at the City of Lincoln 10K on 7th April and finishing in Yorkshire for the Marathon on 20th October. Find out more about the 2019 Asda Foundation Series -

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